Celebrities who knew how to play the game


Celebrities and game shows have been linked since the beginning. For some shows, celebrities are brought in to liven up ratings (Millionaire and The Weakest Link were guilty of this a decade back, a couple among many). For others, they are a critical component of the game (think Hollywood Squares, where the jokes are what propel the tic-tac-toe game forward). For a third class, the show, and the chemistry within a panel or the star’s ability to play a game well, made the panel celebrities in their own right. Continue reading

YouTube has everything: A full hour of game show laughs

Clip shows were popular as reality series picked up steam, as they were cheap, effective counterprogramming. ¬†Of course, YouTube allows for similar concepts to excel equally well. ¬†Family Feud revived its fortunes, boosting its ratings to heights not seen in quite some time, despite the fact that it is a show that’s been on the air for the majority of the past 40 years, and online clips with funny or outrageous answers helped drive some of the initial interest. Continue reading

YouTube has everything: Press Your Luck


I was very big into game shows growing up; I loved watching Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy!, The Price is Right, Family Feud, and reruns of a number of gameshows that aired back in the day on USA Network. The discovery of GSN when I got to college created a further appreciation that introduced me to games of which I wasn’t previously aware, such as Match Game. Continue reading