YouTube has everything: A full hour of game show laughs

Clip shows were popular as reality series picked up steam, as they were cheap, effective counterprogramming.  Of course, YouTube allows for similar concepts to excel equally well.  Family Feud revived its fortunes, boosting its ratings to heights not seen in quite some time, despite the fact that it is a show that’s been on the air for the majority of the past 40 years, and online clips with funny or outrageous answers helped drive some of the initial interest.

So, it takes someone enterprising with some time to cobble together some of the best and most hilarious moments from game shows to deliver this solid hour of laughs and enjoyment. Game shows were in a way some of the first reality shows because they put people in pressure-filled situations for the chance at some cash, and many times things went off the rails. Enjoy this compilation of some of the best!

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