The Cadbury Screme Egg: A mixture of excitement and sadness


While shopping the other day I tripped across something I’d never seen before: The Cadbury Screme Egg. It appears to have existed overseas for awhile, but it’s a new product here in the U.S.  My initial reaction was a mixture of excitement… and sadness.There’s something about certain things popping up only at one time of year that’s exciting. I was never the biggest fan of Marshmallow Peeps, but enjoyed them on occasion during easter.  But then they went and had to create variants for all times of the year (Halloween, Christmas, even “summer,” for whatever reason). Lewis Black’s Candy Corn material (see below) works because we’ve all had that reaction at this time of year to finding candy corn and having a piece – it’s a universal experience.

So when a time-proven product that normally has a limited annual run drifts out of it, it’s a bit sad. While it’s exciting to be able to eat an egg six months before I’m supposed to (and it’s the legit, original taste, even with that odd green tint on the creme), it just makes me that much less interested in it when it returns for the Easter season.

That said, I bought three, so I guess I’m not discouraging them all that much.

2 thoughts on “The Cadbury Screme Egg: A mixture of excitement and sadness

  1. I celebrate the Cadbury Creme Egg in any form, but it does make it less special come Easter. Also – they’ve gotten crazy small right!?

    • They have gotten smaller! There was an actor who went on a talk show when it first happened to rail against the changes; Cadbury said they did it so they could keep the price the same. The Consumerist lovingly refers to it as the “Grocery Shrink Ray;” it’s like how some ice cream half gallons or pints are not actually that size anymore, or how Tropicana dropped from 64 oz. to 59 oz. without changing the price.

      I’m sure this is just a long-term plan to introduce a “King Size” egg before long.

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