Weird Al takes on ‘Word Crimes’


“Weird Al” Yankovic is marching his way to what he says might he his last proper album, “Mandatory Fun,” and is releasing a video each day for eight days. However, he may have hit the pinnacle of his career with his Robin Thicke parody, “Word Crimes.”


The parody takes a song steeped in controversy and takes on another controversial topic (and if you don’t believe me, ask people who care about whether or not there should be use of the Oxford Comma.) It’s characteristically Yankovic, though, and a welcome return from an artist who’s made a career out of twisting songs into different forms.

As a former copy editor, it’s amusing on a few levels for me, but even the average person can appreciate this latest take.

Additional viewing

Day one (of the eight day video run) has Yankovic performing his take on Pharrell’s “Happy,” with “Tacky,” featuring a number of guest stars, such as Aisha Tyler.

One thought on “Weird Al takes on ‘Word Crimes’

  1. Just listened to the entire new Weird Al album and actually enjoyed it way more than I thought I ever would. Especially the song “NOW that’s what I call Polka!” It’s a great polka mix of Top 40 songs haha Loving “Tacky” too!

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