Weird Al takes on ‘Word Crimes’


“Weird Al” Yankovic is marching his way to what he says might he his last proper album, “Mandatory Fun,” and is releasing a video each day for eight days. However, he may have hit the pinnacle of his career with his Robin Thicke parody, “Word Crimes.” Continue reading

Sounds of the Seventies: Pharrell Williams edition


Last year, Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk unleashed a surprising left turn with the instrumentally-driven disco number “Get Lucky.” It was a great return for both Daft Punk and Pharrell, who had been quiet for awhile leading up to it.

Pharrell’s career, meanwhile, has rebounded thanks to the song, with “Happy” now making the rounds.  But it’s a second collaboration between Daft Punk and Pharrell that’s got my ears perked. Continue reading

Nicole Westbrook is back…

The girl who brought us “It’s Thanksgiving” (produced by Patrice Wilson, the guy who also brought us such gems as Rebecca Black’s “Friday”) is back with a song not nearly as gimmicky, “Smile.”  It’s fine as a pop song but doesn’t really have the same redeeming sing-along factor as “Mashed Potatoes… EY!” so I doubt this will catch on to the same level.  But hey, gotta keep plowing ahead (and actually, I suspect Westbrook probably can sing relatively well without all the vocal effects).  “It’s Thanksgiving” embedded after the jump: Continue reading