When a cooler isn’t enough, it’s time for the ‘Coolest’


Sometimes an idea or invention seems to answer an incredibly obvious need. In the case of the Coolest, there’s so many solutions that make a cooler better, it’s a case of the elegant solution to the extreme.

The inventor actually had a failed Kickstarter effort in the winter, so he refined the product and tried again during warmer weather, when people pulled their standard Igloo out of the closet (or worse, bought those awful Styrofoam disposable ones from the store) and headed out to the beach.

The Coolest has it all – a blender, bottle opener, compartments, a place to put plates… it’s a serious upgrade to a device many have considered pretty much a device that is what it is. It’s no wonder the Kickstarter has blown up so quickly, with ample time for it to grow further. (For those who want one, or want to contribute, there’s still time.)

Kudos to the inventor, and hopefully others will take inspiration from his efforts to reinvent a standard product to make it better.

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