When is the appropriate time for holiday music?


November has arrived, and the holiday season, which has already been creeping into life, now will start to take over on a more full fledged basis.  Door busters, Christmas decorations, holiday music… the season is arriving.  But when’s the right time to break out the holiday music?

This is a debate that I see rage at this time of year on Facebook.  People seem to vary widely, from those who can’t stand it at all, to those who think holiday music is perfect for months that end in “ber” (true story, I know someone with this philosophy).  Kelly Clarkson’s new album of Christmas music hit iTunes last week, and I bought it, but I put a moratorium on listening to it for possible inclusion in the Christmas Present playlist until closer to Thanksgiving.

Generally, I see the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas as the appropriate time to listen, but I know people who get so tired of holiday music from it playing at work, they don’t want to hear it elsewhere.  I never quite hit that point, although I’d be a happy man if I never heard again Celine Dion’s version of “Feliz Navidad.”

What say you?  When is the appropriate time to break out the holiday music?  Of course, I guess it depends on the holiday; this video’s time has returned, in my opinion:

One thought on “When is the appropriate time for holiday music?

  1. I am inclined to stick to Christmas music beginning the day after Thanksgiving. When I was younger we used to decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving (no Black Friday for us), starting the music then as well. It worked just fine for us – we were practicing holiday music for concert band (in HS) anyway. I look forward to hearing my favorites on the radio every year, but prefer stations that mix it in with other songs so that I’m not sick of it all 2 weeks before Christmas even comes. That’s my take on it.

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