More Cathy Dennis finally shows up on iTunes


Back in March, I talked about Cathy Dennis, her evolution from singer/songwriter to being a songwriter behind some potent hits over the years, and why I’ve always enjoyed her. Last night, I discovered iTunes has added “Into the Skyline,” her second album, to their catalog. Despite owning two copies on CD, I just purchased it again (I’ve only done this for one other artist: Swing Out Sister, who I’ll be seeing next month on my birthday, and of whom a more full entry will eventually arrive).

At the time I wrote about her, I didn’t share a story about one of her songs and how I came to know her catalog more fully, a journey that’d never happen today thanks to the Internet, but probably adds a lot more meaning today, particularly for this album.  There are certain artists whose songs or albums stick with me, pop up in odd places, and are songs I turn to in certain situations.  “Into the Skyline” is one of those, particularly the track “Moments of Love.” As such, to mark the occasion of her finally getting her due on the digital marketplace, here’s how I came to be a major fan of hers. Continue reading

Required listening: Cathy Dennis

Work’s been kicking my butt, so apologies for another “required listening” choice that’s from another era, but it’s been driving my energy as the work days maintain their length lately.  So, onto another choice that you may be less familiar with: Cathy Dennis. Continue reading

Required Listening: Melanie C’s “Think About It”

I’ve got a personal post coming up, but I haven’t had the chance to sit down and finish it, so for now, here’s a fun song from Melanie C from 2011 that probably would’ve had a good chance over here if people hadn’t stopped paying attention to the Spice Girls after their breakup. Continue reading