Rare photos show what subways were like in the 1980s


With subway ridership hitting records and with the expansions currently marching towards the finish line with the 7 line and the Second Avenue Subway, it’s hard for many to realize how far from this scenario we could’ve been if the subway kept going down the path it was headed in the 1970s and early 80s. Continue reading

Managing MetroCard balances effectively with new tools


I write about transit at times here; it’s generally top of mind for me given my regular commuting. But a number of subway-related links have fallen into my drafts folder over the past few months, so for the time being Sundays are going to be dubbed “Subway Sundays” and I’ll be sharing some cool stuff around it.

This week’s post revolves around the unnecessarily complex math that has sometimes been needed to zero out a MetroCard, which is used to pay for subway rides. Fares are generally round enough – until last week they were $2.50, and just increased to $2.75 – but when you put money on your card, bonuses are also applied which don’t always line up. Continue reading

Taco Bell dives into the breakfast menu game with a splash


The latest fast food war is going after what’s routinely called the most important meal of the day: Breakfast.  Following the lead of other chains like Subway, Taco Bell is entering the breakfast realm with its “first meal” menu that takes a page from the recent “Satisfries” announcement by having a catchy gimmick within the stack of breakfast items: the Waffle Taco. Continue reading