Avicii lays claim (to date) to the most streamed song on Spotify


Spotify has 10 million paid users paying $10 a month, but still isn’t profitable? That’s a concerning statistic, but the company is still growing, and the U.S. market has been slow to catch on to the service.  

But what’s the most streamed track? Avicii’s “Wake Me Up,” which has been listened to an astounding 235 million times. While Spotify is only paying a small amount per play, amounting to perhaps a penny per thousand plays, that still amounts to more than a quarter of a million dollars paid for just that one song, and just that one service.  Somewhat astounding.

Despite the fact that I still prefer to purchase music, I do find myself using Spotify a bit more frequently at work now. That said, I’m using the free service, and a bit sparingly, so I’m sure there’s a ways to go before the service is ubiquitous. I do like the web player, though, and the ability to embed playlists, which I took advantage of here back in December.

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