YouTube has everything: Haynes Furniture commercials


Before moving to Connecticut in 1993, I was born and raised for the first 11 years of my life in Tidewater, Virginia. Here in Connecticut, we grew up knowing Bob of Bob’s Discount Furniture and his crazy mix of catchphrases, talking and dancing furniture and low-budget advertisements, but it of course was incredibly effective, given how much the company’s grown over the years. Virginia’s equivalent is Haynes.


Haynes’s hook is its longevity and its constant sales that are deeper, bigger and cheaper than ever. When the big sales come out, they tend to lean on a pair of actors that have been the lead faces of Haynes for decades. The commercials tend to be spectacular.

Their sales can be complicated, and the time is always short, because they can’t offer the sale for more than a short time.

They had incredibly creepy commercials for their Super Saturday sales that, unfortunately, no longer appears on YouTube. Hopefully someone brings it back, but in the meantime, here’s one from 1993, above, and 1987, below; their ads have always been loud, yet entertaining. (The 1993 commercial shows the commercial music hasn’t changed fin 20 years either, given the ad that comes first.)

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