Kylie Minogue returns with ‘Into the Blue’


It seems like not all that long ago that I discovered Kylie Minogue’s “Light Years” album, which was a bit before she rebounded in the states with megahit “Can’t Get You Out of My Head.”  But it’s been more than a decade, and now she’s preparing to release her 12th (!) full-length album, “Kiss Me Once.”

The album is preceded by single “Into the Blue,” which is a midtempo dance number that has a harder edge than most of what was found on her last album, “Aphrodite,” and fits in well with the EDM trends that have captured the ears of many as of late. The harder, more trendy direction was hinted at by last year’s release of “Skirt,” which featured traces of dubstep

A lyric video was released for “Into the Blue,” which was officially released Monday but had leaked the week before. Those unconvinced about Kylie’s music likely won’t be swayed here, but fans will likely take to this track quickly.

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