Licensing health exchange website tech for fun and profit


What happens when one government entity fails, but another succeeds? The one that succeeded could potentially benefit while at the same time helping others.  At least that’s the idea behind Connecticut offering to license its health exchange online offering as a service to other states, having worked out the kinks successfully and having above-average enrollment here in the Constitution State.

Many states, just like the federal government, struggled to get their health exchange online and stable by the deadline, and that has led to issues with many enrolling.  Connecticut, on the other hand, had a relatively smooth rollout. So it makes sense that if a sturdier, well-tested solution is available, other states might be interested in adopting it.

In a way, while it seems wasteful that each state went its own way to build an exchange out, it almost works out in the end, as that allowed for a competitive opportunity of sorts to see who could solve the problem best, and the most elegant solutions rise to the top.

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