Licensing health exchange website tech for fun and profit


What happens when one government entity fails, but another succeeds? The one that succeeded could potentially benefit while at the same time helping others. ¬†At least that’s the idea behind Connecticut offering to license its health exchange online offering as a service to other states, having worked out the kinks successfully and having above-average enrollment here in the Constitution State. Continue reading

New leadership at Metro-North; I’m hopeful

M8 train in Stamford

After what’s been a painful year at Metro-North, new leadership stepped in a few weeks ago, and he’s already begun making the rounds, promising improvement and change. ¬†Joseph Giulietti worked for Metro-North during its early days, helping to stabilize and improve a railroad that was neglected in many ways by its previous ownership, and helped turn it into a stronger commuter railroad. Now, after an extended absence, he’s back to try to do it again in some ways. Continue reading

Marking a set of anniversaries


Yesterday, I noted that I moved from Virginia to Connecticut 20 years ago this month. It occurred to me earlier this month that a number of personal milestones fall in June, for whatever reason; not just graduation from high school and the obvious stuff, but bigger things. Continue reading