Making myself more responsive

When you get into coding, it’s easy to get comfortable with what you know and fear what you don’t.  Fear of the unknown can rear itself in a coding environment, so pushing oneself out of a comfort zone is key to continuing to grow.

Part of the logic in launching my new site was to push myself a bit.  Up until now, I had not built a site that was fully responsive.  Responsive web design has certainly been a buzzword this year, and an increasing number of our clients at Pixafy are asking for a mobile environment, so it made sense to take it for a spin and understand what complications it can bring along.

One good thing about the baseline WordPress template, Twenty Eleven, is that it has responsive design elements already. I was able to carry over some of the elements I liked, while revamping areas that I thought were a bit too much.

Part of my challenge was to drink a bit of my own Kool-Aid.  I had written a blog post earlier this year about thinking bigger, not just smaller, when designing responsive layouts. I think I achieved this with the front page to a certain degree, thanks to the visuals I had at my disposal.  Inside pages certainly lock at a certain point, but with the use of the broader image in the header, I aimed to give the page a bit more flair for those on wider screens.  There’s certainly more that can be done on the larger screens, but since the site’s still just a few pages, I think that’ll be something that gets evaluated as I continue to grow the site.

While I’m still tweaking, I’m really excited to have a site that renders well at the mobile level!  It’s certainly been educational, and I look forward to being able to apply that knowledge on upcoming projects.

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