Music other people like: Lily Allen, Jhene Aiko, SZA, Broods


For the latest edition of music other people like, I feature selections recommended by my co-worker, Tim, who has been passing along some awesome selections lately. The choices include a new entry from Lily Allen, who’s been featured here recently, and a few artists of which I was previously unaware.

Lily Allen – Our Time

The uptick in Lily Allen song releases certainly heralds an album coming up (“Sheezus” is now available for pre-order and due for release in about 10 days), and one of the songs released to preview the album is “Our Time.” It’s slower than the previous two releases but fits the sound that her new tracks have been presenting, which makes sense as she again collaborates with the prolific Greg Kurstin.

Jhene Aiko – The Worst

The piano and electronica-driven track is moody and introspective, and Aiko’s vocals stand out over the relatively sparse production. The repeated, pained lyrics help emphasize the emotional torment the singer’s conveying in the song. It’s a beautiful track.

SZA – Julia

The laidback, synth-driven track is paired with subtle, light vocals that propel the song along nicely. A lovely musical tapestry put together with the song.

Broods – Bridges

This almost marries the approach of the last two – more synth driven, like SZA, although more piano, like Jhene Aiko, and of course the pained lyrics. Of the three of these, I think I actually like this the most.  The video’s also married to the theme pretty well.

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