Music updates: Hank & Cupcakes, Strange Talk, Lily Allen, Kylie Minogue


The problem with once daily posting is, despite how hard it is to keep the pace, when things are actually going on, other news can fall behind or updates left out.  So with a hat-tip to my friend Nick over at The Littlest Winslow, let’s focus on music on a Monday, shall we, with some updates to artists I’ve featured here in recent weeks:

Hank & Cupcakes’ ‘Cocaina’ released on iTunes

I previously shared with you the video, shot on iPhone, of Hank & Cupcakes’ second single from “Cash for Gold,” entitled “Cocaina.”  The song is now available for download, and because they’re an awesome pair, it can be had for the proper single price of $.99.

Strange Talk album available for pre-order; comes out in March

I heralded the praises of Strange Talk back in December; at the time, only an EP was available, but their full album is now available for pre-order with a late April release date. Along with the four songs from the EP, two additional songs are available now ahead of the pre-order, which should tie fans of their music over.

Meanwhile, a remix album featuring a pair of remixes for each of their EP tracks also hit iTunes last month.

Lily Allen releases ‘Air Balloon’ single, video

I previously wrote about Lily Allen’s vulgar-yet-on-point song, “Hard Out Here,” she’s back with another song and video, this time, Air Balloon.  The song was released in January but the video was released late last week. Whereas “Hard Out Here” was a blatantly obvious parody of pop music, it’s hard to tell if this is intentionally a summertime track released in winter (as Time calls it) or a much more subtle parody of how mundane and predictable most pop music is. It’s hard to believe Lily Allen isn’t in on the joke, but much of the coverage has written about it like it’s a Katy Perry single.  I’m dubious.

Kylie Minogue’s ‘Kiss Me Once’ album available for pre-order

I’ve shown the song and the video in recent weeks; now comes news that the pre-order for “Kiss Me Once” is available, and the album will reach stateside in mid-March. Based on the song titles this looks like a bit more of a sexual exploration theme to the album (perhaps the title is foreboding that as well), but it’ll remain to be seen what is presented when the album hits.

One thought on “Music updates: Hank & Cupcakes, Strange Talk, Lily Allen, Kylie Minogue

  1. I’m really digging Lily Allen’s new singles – Air Balloon is like a poppy version of MIA, incorporating some more urban beats and sounds, which I really like. Excited to hear all of Sheezus!

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