Required listening: Ariana Grande’s “The Way”

I listened to this the first time purely because it had reached iTunes’ top ten singles and I hadn’t heard of it before.  It sounds like a Mariah Carey song from about 10 years ago… how is it that a newcomer can do Mariah Carey better than Mariah Carey? 

I don’t think the song is as good as Mariah’s best, but it does still strike a good chord, and it’s easy to see why people are responding.  Mariah should take a page from what she’s doing and hark back… I think people would still respond.

Additional listening

She really can sing like Mariah, if the original song wasn’t clear.  She’s got the whistle range and everything… so once in a generation is about right!

Meanwhile, Mariah’s latest is this, which is generic until the key change, which aroused the  cheerleaders on Mariah’s side, but it really isn’t the kind of powerful stuff we used to get from Mariah during her peak.

This still sounds pretty fresh to me.  With R&B, pop and EDM finding a sort of middle ground in some of the music lately, Mariah should in theory have an easy time of it… but we’ll have to see.

2 thoughts on “Required listening: Ariana Grande’s “The Way”

  1. she is an awesome find and i really like the durable quality of her voice. however, mariah is still mariah. maybe i’m partial, but i love mariah’s higher register, airy as it may be.

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