Ariana Grande tackles EDM with ‘Break Free’


Ariana Grande’s music has been more R&B-leaning so far, which makes sense given she’s been many times compared to Mariah Carey for her vocal range, and Carey’s sweet spot has been powerful urban and R&B styles. But with her latest single, Grande delves further into EDM than she has in the past, with decent results. Continue reading

Video released for Andrew McMahon’s ‘Synesthesia’

…and here’s another one! The debut today of Andrew McMahon’s ‘Synesthesia,’ which comes off his recent EP “The Pop Underground,” reminds me a bit of the recent video for Ariana Grande previously discussed here, with video projected onto a wall and the singer. However, whereas Grande’s video felt just a bit cheap, the colorful tapestry of interspersed moments and kaleidoscope-like editing kick it up a notch; the fact that Grande is signed to a major label and McMahon’s music is an indie release brings into sharp relief how much attention McMahon pays to all of this.  Stellar effort.

Required listening: Ariana Grande’s “The Way”

I listened to this the first time purely because it had reached iTunes’ top ten singles and I hadn’t heard of it before.  It sounds like a Mariah Carey song from about 10 years ago… how is it that a newcomer can do Mariah Carey better than Mariah Carey?  Continue reading