Video released for Andrew McMahon’s ‘Synesthesia’

…and here’s another one! The debut today of Andrew McMahon’s ‘Synesthesia,’ which comes off his recent EP “The Pop Underground,” reminds me a bit of the recent video for Ariana Grande previously discussed here, with video projected onto a wall and the singer. However, whereas Grande’s video felt just a bit cheap, the colorful tapestry of interspersed moments and kaleidoscope-like editing kick it up a notch; the fact that Grande is signed to a major label and McMahon’s music is an indie release brings into sharp relief how much attention McMahon pays to all of this.  Stellar effort.

Required listening: Ariana Grande’s “The Way”

I listened to this the first time purely because it had reached iTunes’ top ten singles and I hadn’t heard of it before.  It sounds like a Mariah Carey song from about 10 years ago… how is it that a newcomer can do Mariah Carey better than Mariah Carey?  Continue reading