Robyn & Royksopp preview new track ‘Monument’

robyn-royksoppLast summer, I wrote here about Annie’s return to recording after a long absence, reuniting with collaborator Richard X to put out a 5-song EP of new music. It appears Robyn is following a similar pattern, with the announcement of an EP as a collaboration with a duo she has a long history with, Royksopp.

The “Do it Again” EP is well-timed to go along with an upcoming tour, one in which Robyn has already said she’ll be testing out some new music, long overdue given it’s been a few years now since her superlative round of “Body Talk” EPs. Robyn and Royksopp are touring together this year, so having some music together certainly makes sense.

A preview of first song “Monument” was posted to YouTube this week. The EP was opted for since it was deemed different than what either were doing on their own; “Monument” certainly floats a different type of vibe than what we’ve heard from either recently, but definitely whets the appetite.

The “Do it Again” EP is slated to be released in late May.

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