Robyn & Royksopp preview new track ‘Monument’

robyn-royksoppLast summer, I wrote here about Annie’s return to recording after a long absence, reuniting with collaborator Richard X to put out a 5-song EP of new music. It appears Robyn is following a similar pattern, with the announcement of an EP as a collaboration with a duo she has a long history with, Royksopp. Continue reading

Required viewing: Robyn feat. Snoop Dogg, “U Should Know Better”

Until I can get back on schedule, enjoy this new video from Robyn.  In the absence of new music, it’s great to see her active, further promoting some of the “Body Talk” output from a couple of years ago. It’s one of Robyn’s great “I’m the shit” style songs, which she gets away with in spades, with a young kid that looks remarkably like Robyn, actually, and a doll that represents Snoop.  Another fun video from a talented mind.

Robyn + The Lonely Island = <3

The Lonely Island released their third album, “The Wack Album,” yesterday. I’m still working through it, but for now, enjoy what is already one of the highlights for me: a collaboration between the trio and Robyn called “Go Kindergarten.”  The song skewers those tunes that ask people to do all sorts of ridiculous actions on the dance floor to great effect.