Taco Bell dives into the breakfast menu game with a splash


The latest fast food war is going after what’s routinely called the most important meal of the day: Breakfast.  Following the lead of other chains like Subway, Taco Bell is entering the breakfast realm with its “first meal” menu that takes a page from the recent “Satisfries” announcement by having a catchy gimmick within the stack of breakfast items: the Waffle Taco.

The nationwide rollout targets younger men, long a target of the fast food chain. More traditional fare such as breakfast burritos and coffee will certainly be on the menu, but the chain’s Waffle Taco is gathering the most attention, and has the potential to be as revolutionary as the McGriddle. Oh sweet, sweet deliciousness.

For those who can’t wait, sadly, you will have to, at least for a bit – the rollout takes place at the end of March.

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