Required listening: Swing Out Sister’s ‘Shapes and Patterns’


Seeing Swing Out Sister live last year was one of the shows I was most excited to get to see; I’ve enjoyed the musicianship and quality of the act for decades, and it was a wish that finally came true (the fact that it happened on my birthday made it even more fun for me). Continue reading

Wendy’s training videos, back in the day


Yesterday, a Gawker writer posted one of Wendy’s training videos as a big find.  I definitely have seen them passed around in the past (they’ve been on YouTube for a few years), and thought I had written about it on one of the old blogs, but can’t find anything.  For those who haven’t seen them, they’re pure gold. Continue reading

J.C. Penney could learn from Circuit City

I have been watching with interest J.C. Penney’s attempts to reinvent itself.  It’s an amazing gamble, a vision that, if works, could bring some much-needed change to retail at a time where the Internet is continuing to drive business growth (such as a $1 billion Black Friday performance by e-tailers).

But J.C. Penney has been in the short term laying off tons of people as it begins its transformation.  Knowing people who work there, I am starting to wonder if the cuts were too deep.  Based on a new filing, J.C. Penney now believes it’s a risk as well. Continue reading