Turn off auto-play on Facebook’s videos


As Facebook continues its relentless march towards world domination, it continues to make decisions that will help it earn revenue, something that is at times at odds with what users would choose as their ideal experience.  One such decision is auto-play videos and their growing prominence in the newsfeed.  Fortunately, like with other settings that has led Facebook to catch some flack, there is a way to turn it off. Continue reading

The real facts behind that McDonald’s coffee lawsuit

The McDonald’s spilled coffee story and lawsuit that came out in the 90s endures somehow, a prime example of a story going viral long before Twitter and Facebook existed.  Yet while some are lamenting the problems that the immediacy of social media brings and the major pitfalls we’re failing to avoid, it’s not an exclusively online problem, either. Continue reading

Wendy’s training videos, back in the day


Yesterday, a Gawker writer posted one of Wendy’s training videos as a big find.  I definitely have seen them passed around in the past (they’ve been on YouTube for a few years), and thought I had written about it on one of the old blogs, but can’t find anything.  For those who haven’t seen them, they’re pure gold. Continue reading

Facebook needs money?

Facebook’s sheer size and awful handling of monetization and evolution of its platform  has raised a number of awkward teenager moments for the site; indeed, I wrote about it repeatedly on my last blog. Two new reports from this past week about Facebook’s plans for modernization show a platform continuing to struggle with how they get the message out. Continue reading

‘World Builder’ still required viewing, years later

It is almost three years ago now that I first shared World Builder on my previous blog at the Connecticut Post, and almost four years since I first viewed it.  Every now and then I seek it out, as it’s an incredibly cool video featuring incredibly complex computer animation, but also is a very beautiful story told completely via visuals and backed by the musical score. Watch it after the jump. Continue reading