YouTube has everything: Funny or Die’s ‘Presidential Reunion’


I recently wrote about a viral Funny or Die video featuring Kristen Bell that had a message. It’s not the first time iconic characters were used to provide laughs and push a message concurrently. The most prominent is likely the “Presidential Reunion” from a few years ago, which featured nearly all the SNL actors playing their presidential impersonations for which they were famous. Continue reading

YouTube has everything: Classic SCTV sketches


While Saturday Night Live has lasted for nearly 40 years now, there was a point, as the original cast was moving on, that another show was set up to potentially supplant it. It didn’t succeed, but the legacy of SCTV lives on, and thankfully some of the classic bits are readily available thanks to the Internet. Continue reading

The women of SNL invite you to check out their ‘Twin Bed’

It was bound to be a highlight of the season: Jimmy Fallon returned Saturday to SNL, with Justin Timberlake as a musical guest.  The cameo-filled episode also included a number of sketches that the duo were famous for, enough so that it could be forgiven for someone not paying attention to think they were hosting together. Continue reading