Hank & Cupcakes debut self-filmed ‘Cocaina’ video


If it hasn’t been clear in the year plus I’ve been blogging, I’m an unabashed fan of Brooklyn duo Hank & Cupcakes.  I’ve been keeping you posted on the progress of their second album, “Cash for Gold,” which has already seen the release of first single “Countdown.” But this week, they released their first music video connected to the album, for the song “Cocaina.” Continue reading

Classic You Don’t Know Jack goodness, thanks to Steam

you-dont-know-jack I had become aware of it when it first happened, but over the break I was finally able to act: most of You Don’t Know Jack’s classic editions had been re-released! In high school and college I spent countless hours playing the game “where high culture and pop culture collide,” so I was excited to get my hands on the classic editions again. Continue reading

Get subway information, on the go


The MTA has not generally been known for being technologically advanced, although it’s hard to fault an organization that relies on equipment and infrastructure whose age can sometimes be marked with three digits in the years column.  That said, occasionally we get a glimpse of what progress can bring, and one such example just recently made its debut on the app store in a beta release. Continue reading