Hank & Cupcakes debut self-filmed ‘Cocaina’ video


If it hasn’t been clear in the year plus I’ve been blogging, I’m an unabashed fan of Brooklyn duo Hank & Cupcakes.  I’ve been keeping you posted on the progress of their second album, “Cash for Gold,” which has already seen the release of first single “Countdown.” But this week, they released their first music video connected to the album, for the song “Cocaina.”

Of the songs I’ve heard of theirs that haven’t seen an album release yet, (most of which were heard from previous live shows as they worked out material on the road), I love the mood most on “Cocaina.” It’s got a darker feel, with a beat whose tempo picks up in the chorus.  It continues the repetitive lyrical content vibe of some other Hank & Cupcake songs, but the lyrics incorporated are of the type that it works better than normal, and the duo have put together a production that is incredibly infectious. It’s a worthy addition to their catalog.

What’s also pretty cool, and amazingly empowering for an act like Hank & Cupcakes, is they shot (on iPhone) and edited the video themselves.  In an email Friday, the pair shared that the video is culled both from recordings shot on recent tours as well as around New York City recently, including a walk down Bedford Ave. on Christmas day, a ferry ride to Dumbo, dancers performing in the subway and graffiti found on the Williamsburg Bridge.  The New York footage links in nicely with their narrative, as they’ve expressed how inspiring New York has been to their music.

This album has been billed as a DIY project, but the quality of both “Cocaina” and “Countdown” also show they’ve so far maintained a high standard, seen in their previous recordings, as they work towards the release of “Cash for Gold.” The video also highlights how far we’ve come technology wise, in that a self-funded group can put together a music video that fits their aesthetic without breaking the bank, and that’s a pretty awesome notion.

The video precedes a digital release for “Cocaina,” which is coming soon.

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