More thoughts about the ‘death of the homepage’


About 10 days ago I featured a post about how the New York Times homepage is becoming increasingly irrelevant in the age of social media and people reading content that’s shared with them or recommended to them. Poynter has followed this up with some additional graphs and insight, which adds additional interesting points. Continue reading

The growing irrelevance of the news homepage


In the Internet’s early days, the homepage was king: Companies like Yahoo! fought to have the most relevant landing page for users. The hope was they’d make it their start page when opening their browser, and spend a long time on their sites, consuming content and features. Continue reading

Fighting subscription fatigue


It used to be, maybe 10-20 years ago, subscription fatigue was largely tied to magazine subscriptions.  So many magazines, asking for just a small amount per year, constant deliveries of publications that many didn’t end up reading.  It’s become much more insidious, however, as cort-cutting has led to a lot of “low cost” items that, in aggregate, can end up costing more than what it replaced. Continue reading