Andrew McMahon shares ‘High Dive,’ opens album pre-orders


The march towards the release of “Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness” continues, and along with a pre-order of the album on his website and iTunes, we’re also treated the release of a second song from the upcoming album, “High Dive.”

“High Dive” continues a trend spotted last year of the tempo being cranked up a bit, something that was paused for “Cecilia and the Satellite” to some degree. “High Dive” is heavier on the piano and more organic, but basically identical in tempo in tempo, to “Catching Cold,” a catchy electronic-tinged track from “The Pop Underground.” It’s another promising entry from McMahon has the album release edges closer; we’ll see what else is in store as October 14 nears!

I’ve got tickets for his Nov. 8 show at the Webster Theater in Hartford, which is where I first saw him live (as part of Something Corporate) in February of 2004; should be a fun time!

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