Andrew McMahon shares ‘High Dive,’ opens album pre-orders


The march towards the release of “Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness” continues, and along with a pre-order of the album on his website and iTunes, we’re also treated the release of a second song from the upcoming album, “High Dive.” Continue reading

Sir Mix-a-Lot raps his infamous hit, backed by an orchestra


Ah, Sir Mix-a-Lot. You wrote a song that has given adolescents to grind for 20 years. You’ve been banned by MTV. You coined the phrase “little in the middle but you’ve got much back.” And now, with your collaboration with the Seattle Symphony, your cult status continues to burn brightly. Continue reading

Christmas Present: Jack’s Mannequin’s “The Lights and Buzz”


For today’s entry, we wind the clock back a few years to a group that, at the time, was billed as a solo side project for an artist from a band (who this year broke up from said “side project,” which had ultimately become a band itself, to record solo). Continue reading

Video released for Andrew McMahon’s ‘Synesthesia’

…and here’s another one! The debut today of Andrew McMahon’s ‘Synesthesia,’ which comes off his recent EP “The Pop Underground,” reminds me a bit of the recent video for Ariana Grande previously discussed here, with video projected onto a wall and the singer. However, whereas Grande’s video felt just a bit cheap, the colorful tapestry of interspersed moments and kaleidoscope-like editing kick it up a notch; the fact that Grande is signed to a major label and McMahon’s music is an indie release brings into sharp relief how much attention McMahon pays to all of this.  Stellar effort.

Andrew McMahon enters “The Pop Underground”

How woefully behind am I on my blog that I saw Andrew McMahon live in April, saw Amie in Portland the week it came out (starting to become something of a tradition, however unintentionally, that we see each other upon the release of a new McMahon disc) and it’s now been roughly two months since.  As such, this is less a first-reaction review as it is a final digestion of his first music as a true solo artist, following his runs in Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin. Continue reading

Andrew McMahon’s solo tour, with friends


Earlier this month I had the opportunity to see Andrew McMahon, formerly of Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin, live for what is now the fifth time (twice with SoCo, twice with Jack’s, and now alone). As has been the case with each concert, it was a bit of an adventure. Continue reading