Hank & Cupcakes want you to ‘Relax’


As mentioned here earlier, Hank & Cupcakes are building up to the release and tour for their second album, “Ca$h 4 Gold,” and also debuted a Kickstarter so they can get a tour van. With the deadlines looming, they’ve released a new music video for “Relax.”

“Relax” amps up the volume from “Cocaina” and is a more straight-ahead rock song. Like many “Hank & Cupcakes” songs it has a repetitious chorus that makes it easier to sing along, always a plus. The video literally turns things upside down and is fun and engaging.

They’ve released two previous songs from the album to whet everyone’s appetites; along with “Cocaina,” they kicked things off with the downtempo “Countdown.” “Ca$h 4 Gold” is scheduled to hit a bit later this year.

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