Kylie’s ‘Crystallize’ gets a video


Earlier this year I posted a preview for a song being used for a charitable effort, “Crystallize,” which as I noted, if the preview was any indication, might’ve been the strongest Kylie track to pop up in a year or two. The song isn’t available on iTunes yet (purchases will also support the cancer charity), but the music video has hit, which allows us to hear the song in full, and it held up to the promise.


The song feels like predecessor “I Believe in You” but with a more adventurous chord progression that makes the song feel incredibly fresh. The video’s incredibly simple, but works well, and the donors during the main phase of the charitable effort appear at the end.

As an aside, how is it possible that Kylie looks ever better as she ages? Whatever’s in her water, I think I’d like some myself.

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