Melanie Dunea’s latest: Photo Tripping


I’ve had the opportunity to work with the talented Melanie Dunea for a few years now through the company I work for, Pixafy; the celebrity photographer is known for her “My Last Supper” book series, which features celebrities and chefs sharing what their last meal would be if it could be anything. She’s also got a strong philanthropic side, putting time into raising money for victims of Sandy and helping the New York City Food Bank, among others. Continue reading

A subscription for everyone, if the price is right


I previously wrote here about subscription fatigue, and the challenges of people controlling budgets with an ever-growing array of subscription options.  About two weeks ago I began a new round of audits to make sure I wasn’t paying for something I hadn’t been using as of late, and terminated a couple of subscriptions I could no longer justify. Continue reading

Turn off auto-play on Facebook’s videos


As Facebook continues its relentless march towards world domination, it continues to make decisions that will help it earn revenue, something that is at times at odds with what users would choose as their ideal experience.  One such decision is auto-play videos and their growing prominence in the newsfeed.  Fortunately, like with other settings that has led Facebook to catch some flack, there is a way to turn it off. Continue reading