Getting into an artist with one song… but which?


When someone recommends you check out an artist, it can be an exercise in frustration if you need to know how to enter their catalog.  A new site in beta by This is My Jam, That One Song, attempts to declutter the situation by using the recommendations of many to define the definitive song. Continue reading

Annie makes a quick return with protest song, short film


Up until now releases from Annie were separated most times by years, leaving people awaiting new material from the talented and critically acclaimed artist.  But just a few months after the release of her “A&R” EP, and timed for the start up the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, Annie has released a song protesting Russia’s anti-gay stance, and paired it with a short film.  Both were released today. Continue reading

Required listening: Ronika


While reading comments on the video to one of Annie’s newer songs, I noticed a reference by one commenter to U.K. artist Ronika.  While I normally don’t tend to follow up on these sorts of comments, the mention of the retro leanings and production caught my eye, so I began to look into her, and was pleasantly surprised with the results. Continue reading

Required listening: Annie’s “Animal”

iTunes’ weekly song picks have many times borne fruit over the years, but there’s the occasional selection that, even years, later, still resonates.  Annie’s debut album, “Animal,” is one of those selections. Continue reading