Katy Perry’s very happy ‘Birthday’


One of Michael Jackson’s hallmarks was elaborate and exciting music videos that weren’t just about illustrating the song. At a time when Jackson is posthumously making a new mark, Katy Perry, a pop superstar herself, seems to be taking up the mantle by creating elaborate videos, although hers are done with some knowing humor.

“Birthday” is the latest, where she plays five awful birthday entertainers and show up at birthday parties to supposedly entertain the crowds, but do a mediocre job at best and an awful job at worst (she “causes” a car crash in one of them). It’s funny, embarrassing, and crazy, but for a song that basically equates a birthday to sex, it’s perfectly fitting with its wink and nudge.

Additional viewing

She hit paydirt in a similar vein a couple of years back with “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.),” which featured cameos by Kenny G, Hanson and the queen of “Friday” herself, Rebecca Black.

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