YouTube has everything: The Andrews Sisters


I’m going way back with this one, but it’s hard to ignore talent when you see it. Awhile back I shared that video of the Ross Sisters, and I’ve featured the modern group The Puppini Sisters, but I’ve yet to feature one of the most talented (and actual family) groups to perform in the 20th century: The Andrews Sisters. Continue reading

YouTube has everything: Funny or Die’s ‘Presidential Reunion’


I recently wrote about a viral Funny or Die video featuring Kristen Bell that had a message. It’s not the first time iconic characters were used to provide laughs and push a message concurrently. The most prominent is likely the “Presidential Reunion” from a few years ago, which featured nearly all the SNL actors playing their presidential impersonations for which they were famous. Continue reading

YouTube has everything: Postmodern Jukebox performs ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ and ‘Womanizer’


I’ve praised Postmodern Jukebox here in the past, so for this edition of YouTube has Everything, this isn’t as much a throwback as it is new releases of popular songs re-envisioned in a throwback style. Two recent releases are collaborations with other singers that have partnered with them in the past, and yield excellent results. Continue reading

Kristen Bell can do no wrong: Mary Poppins edition


It seems like Kristen Bell has the golden touch as of late. Whether she’s appearing on Craig Ferguson as one of his favorite guests, killing it in “Frozen,” bringing back Veronica Mars in movie form, or adding crazy value on Maya Rudolph’s backdoor pilot for a variety show, she’s been firing on all cylinders. Continue reading

YouTube has everything: Lily Tomlin as Ernestine


A recent audio clip of former journalist Ryan Block fighting with Comcast to cancel service has been making the rounds, reminding us of some of the challenges that happen when a company treats customer retention as more important than the customer itself. Continue reading

YouTube has everything: Cookie Monster parodies Carly Rae Jepson


While reading up on the return of “Weird Al” Yankovic, one interviewer noted the proliferation of parody thanks to YouTube, noting one parody that I loved and still deserves some attention amongst the others: Cookie Monster’s take on Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe.” Continue reading

YouTube (and Reddit) has everything: Star Trek stabilized


For years, people have been taking battle scenes from the various Star Trek series, stabilize them and rotate them, and have created a series of YouTube clips and animated gifs through a meme called “Star Trek Stabilized,” which has its own Reddit category. Continue reading